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Structural Requirements

CEE graduate students pursuing a Master’s in Structural Engineering are required to take four the following core courses:

  • CEE 5930/6930 Structural Loads*

  • CEE 6130 Structural Dynamics*

  • CEE 6140 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

  • CEE 6040 Structural Reliability*

  • CEE 6050 Experimental Methods in Structural Engineering

  • CEE 6930 Precast/Prestressed Concrete*

  • CEE 6930 Advanced Steel Design

* Required courses. If any graduate core courses are not offered in a given year, a graduate elective course may be substituted, subject to approval of the graduate committee.

Note that with approval from the graduate committee, required courses can be waived if the student has successfully completed an equivalent course at Utah State University or elsewhere.

Additional Structural Courses


  • CEE 5350/6350 Foundation Analysis and Design
  • MAE 6070 Mechanics of Composite Structures II
  • CEE 6090 Theory of Plates and Shells
  • CEE 6340 Geotechnical Lab and Field Methods
  • CEE 6360 Geotechnical Principles


  • MAE 5060 Mechanics of Composite Materials I
  • CEE 5380/6380 Earthquake Engineering
  • MAE 6180 Dynamics and Vibrations
  • CEE 6320 Deep Foundations
  • GEOL 6250 Mechanics and Processes in Earth Sciences
  • MAE 6020 Finite Element Analysis II
  • CEE 6300 Earth Structures