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Alfonso Torres

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Engineer


Contact Information

Office Hours: By Appointment
DialPhone: 435-797-0397

Educational Background

PhD, Civil Engineering, (Water Resources), Utah State University, 2011
Bayesian Data-Driven Models for Irrigation Water Management
MS, Irrigation Engineering, Utah State University, 2006
Transition Submergence and Hysteresis Effects in three-foot Cutthroat Flumes
BS, Agricultural Engineering, (Water Resources), La Molina National Agrarian University, 2000
Technical and Economic Assessment of a Drip Irrigation System in the Fund Agrocurumuy, Piura


Precision Agriculture, Spatial Evapotranspiration at Farm and Irrigation System Scales, Numerical Modeling, Spatial Data Mining, Sensor Networks and ground Data Collection, Remote Sensing Applications, Teaching/Technical Training


A Peruvian native, he is passionate about finding practical solutions for agriculture, water using remote sensing and modeling.

Teaching Interests

Remote sensing (unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites) production and analysis for agricultural water management, with emphasis on spatial crop status and water use estimation and monitoring at small and large scale

Research Interests

Integration of ground and remote sensing for agricultural production and water management, as well as basin-scale integration.

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                      Scheduled Teaching

                      CEE, PSC 5003, 6003 - Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces, Spring 2018

                      CEE PSC 5003/6003 - Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces, Spring 2017

                      Graduate Students Mentored

                      Ayman Nassar, Civil & Environmental Engineering, August 2017 - May 2021
                      Mahyar Aboutalebi, Civil & Environmental Engineering, July 2016 - May 2020

                      Viticulture from Space: USU-NASA Study Analyzes Vineyard Water Use

                      Dr. Alfonso Torres-Rua

                      Published in Utah State Engineer – Oct. 2, 2017 – In drought-prone Central California, grape producers are looking for new ways to improve crop production with less water. And it’s not just winemakers feeling the pinch. The citrus groves, nut orchards and alfalfa fields of tomorrow will depend on an increasingly sophisticated toolkit to get the most out of the region’s precious water resources.