Engineering State 2015

Engineering State: An wonderful experience for high school students, whom have been thinking of attending college in engineering.
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The Commencement activities will begin on Friday May 1, 2015.
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FE Exam Info Session

ASCE - eLEARNING Your Path to Professional Licensure
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Naval Reactor Engineers visiting from Wash DC

Nate Rogers wins the state FISP Contest

The tech talk will be presented by two Naval Reactor Engineers from Washington DC. They will be presenting information on the amazing technology the Navy is using in their ships and subs.
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Highlighted News

Nate Rogers wins the state FISP Contest

Nate Rogers wins the state FISP Contest

Nate Rogers, a graduate student in Environmental Engineering, won the Fresh Ideas Student Poster Contest at the Intermountain Section American Water Works Association (AWWA) conference in September.... [read more]

USU News - Taking the Grand View

Ayman Alafifi, a PHD student of CEE was interviewed and an article was published in the Utah State Magazine. The article appears in the Utah State Magazine Fall 2015 issue.... [read more]

Randy Martin spoke at Cache Clean Air Consortium

The Cache Clean Air Consortium met Monday in Logan, Utah and discussed car emissions, efficiency and air quality. Randy Martin, associate research professor of environmental engineering at Utah State University, presented his findings on the differences between car emissions.... [read more]

Marv Halling talks about how prepared Utah is for large earthquake.

Marv Halling is a professor of structural engineering at Utah State University. He said even though the current seismic activity in Utah is quite low, eventually Utah will experience a medium to large magnitude earthquake.... [read more]

Bethany Neilson and Logan River

Bethany Neilson, better known as Beth, gathered a team of 25 undergraduates, graduate students and PhD candidates from universities throughout the state in Logan to collaborate on a scientific snapshot of the Logan River.... [read more]